Friday, 13 July 2012

Lost Love

As you all probably have had at some point, I have a mega crush on someone. No, I'm not an "One Direction" or "Justin Beiber" fan. My crush is a lot worse. A few years ago now I met Callum and we hit it off. By hitting it off I mean, I practically spat on him. Just hear me out as to why. We were sitting in band. I play the trumpet and he played clarinet. Because of how band positioning works, we sat next to each other. I was getting fed up with his complaints about releasing my spit valve, so I went to release it on him. Luckily he moved, and we were friends ever since. Well, sort of. We were aquiantinces until later that year when, my boyfriend at the time, knew him from somewhere else. Then we became friends.

Callum is awesome. And unfortunately, I fell for him. I fell hard. I've had a major crush on him since we first met but it only intensified when I got to know him. I'd like to mention how talented he is. After clarinet he switched to Tenor Sax and now plays guitar in the band. Anyway, he's a year older than me and my time was running out. He graduates this year and I'll probably never see him again. So I had decided that I would tell him how I feel on his graduation day because then there wouldn't have been any awkward moments in band or in school.

Well I'm a little impatient.

Four nights ago I sent him a text when I was half asleep, blind, feverish and very sick. This is what it said, "Can I tell you a secret? I may be a little messed up right now and this is gonna make everything incredibly awkward between us but I don't care. I'd plan to tell you on your graduation so it wouldn't have been as awkward for as long but I'm impatient. I like you. Like, alot. I've had a mega crush on you since we first met all those years ago. God that makes me sound old. Anyway, do you want to know why I like you? Because your funny, smart, talented, cute and above everything you make me feel happy. That's something that not many can do, yet you manage. I don't care that you don't like me in that way but I needed to let you know. You wanna know something else? If Mitch hadn't been in the bathroom when you were tempting me to come into your room in New Zealand, I sure as hell would've. P.S I can't believe you were going to run around the oval in your undies! P.P.S I lost the game!"

Obviuosly, this is more edited than the text was. We went on a school trip to New Zealand and the rules were no boys in girls' rooms and no girls in boys' rooms. The game is not to think about the game and when you do, you have to annouce you lost the game to the people around you who then think about the game and lose too.

He didn't reply for ages and so I asked him what he thought. His reply was, "I don't believe it will be awkward. And well done  on writing so much while half asleep :)"

I can tell you, mate. I don't believe him.

Life sucks B*LLS!!

-Captain Llama Brains-

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Okay, today was heaps fun. I went to Perth by bus and train. Got HJ's and climbed Jacobs ladder (never again), climbed my tree (always), went to Garden City, went home, got stuff, went to band. But what was hilarious was what we did to our conductor's car when he was busy. We bought some of those car eyelashes and put them on his car. We took photos, which I'll upload later, and went home before he found out. All the way home we were like "Glenn's car is a tranvestite" and "I'm sendin him a text with a photo saying, 'luv da eyelashes glenn". Oh it was funny. Tommorow, we're so putting on the eyebrows, with a sticky not saying, "Sorry. We forgot to put them on before hand"!!!!!!!!!

My stomach won't stop hurting from laughter,

Captain Llama Brains

Saturday, 2 June 2012

So Concentrate

SO the other day I was sitting my Chemistry exam. After about the first hour in, I really couldn't concentrate. So, those who know Chemistry, also know that there is a Chemical equation for concentration. I thought this was funny and wrote it on my hand. C = n/v. Now let me explain what that equation is saying. Concentration equals the number of moles divide the volume. I thought this was hilarious. I mean, it means that b-arches should be able to concentrate very well. They, themselves, are moles and probably have lots of hidden ones and tend to be ultra thin meaning that the concentration would be higher. But then it got me thinking. If you just thought of them as moles and the volume as the number of students in the school, that would be more accurate than the last statement. In my school, however, it doesn't change the result. There is still a high concentration of moles among the population. Hahaha lol.

Yeah, I was that bored,

Captain Llama Brains